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Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports, Environmental Reports,

On-site Drainage & Erosion Evaluations

  1. Natural Hazard Disclosure Report - $69 - the best NHD report available on the market!

    Includes all Statutory disclosures: Flood hazards (FEMA, Dam inundation), local Geologic hazards (fault, landslide, and liquefation zones), Fire hazards (Wildland Fire Areas, Very High Fire Severity Zones).
    Includes Local disclosures: Critical Fire Areas, Sensitive Habitat Areas, Timber Production Zones, Commercial Agriculture, Railroad Proximity, new Radon map, Water Conservation addendums, Pool Barrier Certification advisory.
    Includes State disclosures: Gas Transmission Line Proximity, Former Military Ordinance Sites, Airport Noise Proximity, Coastal Commission Jurisdiction, Asbestos, Title 24 Energy Conservation, and advisories for Methamphetamine, Mold, and Megan’s Law.

  2. Environmental Report - $39 - this report is optional

    Environmental Report includes: Leaking underground fuel tanks, contamination from nearby industrial sites, accidental toxic spills or leaks, EPA and State top priority clean-up properties, Homes formerly used as illegal drug factories.


    Save! Order the Natural Hazard Disclosure and the Environmental Report for $99

  1. On-site Drainage and Erosion Evaluations

    This report helps increase your clients confidence in their purchase. Includes: Inspection of property - drainage and erosion survey of land around and under homes (when accessible). Verbal evaluation of drainage and erosion conditions. Includes recommendations for drainage improvements and/or erosion control.

    1. Verbal Assesment with written summary - $200 to $300 depending on size of property and travel distance. Please call to make an appointment - (831) 469-4438

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