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Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports, Environmental Reports,
On-site Drainage & Erosion Evaluations

  1. Save! Order BOTH Natural Hazard and Environmental Disclosure Reports for $99 **
  2. Natural Hazard Disclosure Report - $69
    (This report satisfies civil code 1103.4 requirements for Natural Hazard Disclosure)

    Includes all Statutory disclosures: Flood hazards (FEMA, Dam inundation), local Geologic hazards (fault, landslide, and liquefation zones), Fire hazards (Wildland Fire Areas, Very High Fire Severity Zones). Includes Local disclosures: Critical Fire Areas, Sensitive Habitat Areas, Timber Production Zones, Commercial Agriculture, Railroad Proximity, new Radon map, Water Conservation addendums, Pool Barrier Certification advisory. Includes State disclosures: Gas Transmission Line Proximity, Former Military Ordinance Sites, Airport Noise Proximity, Coastal Commission Jurisdiction, Asbestos, Title 24 Energy Conservation, and advisories for Methamphetamine, Mold, and Megan’s Law.

  3. Environmental Disclosure Report - $39
    (This report is an optional disclosure of sites investigated for contamination)

    Environmental Report includes: Leaking underground fuel tanks, contamination from nearby industrial sites, accidental toxic spills or leaks, EPA and State top priority clean-up properties, Homes formerly used as illegal drug factories.

  4. On-Site Drainage & Erosion Evaluations - $250 to $350
    (includes a verbal assessment & written summary)

    This report helps to increase your client's confidence in their purchase. This evaluation Includes an inspection of the property, a drainage/erosion survey of the land around and underneath the home (when accessible), and a verbal summary of current conditions. Includes recommendations for drainage improvements and/or erosion control. Evaluation price may vary on size of property and travel distance. Please call to make an appointment at (831) 469-4438.

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