Useful Links for Santa Cruz County

City of Santa Cruz Residential Rental Information and Forms:
Rental Property Registration Form
Residential Rental Inspection Services Webpage
Exemption From Residential Rental Inspection Program Form

City of Santa Cruz Sensitive Habitat Information:
Sensitive Habitat Information

Water Conservation Information:
Soquel Creek Water District/ Free Water Wise Housecalls
San Lorenzo Valley Water District/ Water Conservation Credit Program
Scotts Valley Water District/ Water Conservation Rebates
Where does Santa Cruz water come from?

Flood Information:
Santa Cruz County Flood information page
F.E.M.A. Website
Changes to Flood Insurance Rates - What they are and how to explain them
Homeowner's Guide to Elevation Certificates

Fire Information:
CALFIRE - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Fire Safety - Living with Fire in Santa Cruz County
How to prepare for a wildfire

Earthquake information:
California Geological Survey
Most Recent Earthquake activity in California

Emergency and Disaster Information:
California Office of Emergency Services

Environmental Hazards:
GeoTracker - Leaking Underground Fuel Tanks
NPL - National Priorties List - Superfund Sites

Videos and slideshows:
Saving a property from a firefighters perspective
Hazards in Paradise - A fascinating slide presentation about Central Coast natural hazards and how the Central Coast of California was created