Useful Links & Info for Monterey County

Sensitive/Critical Habitat Information

Water Conservation:
Monterey County Drought Information
Monterey County Water Resources Agency
Monterey Peninsula Water District
Marina Coast Water District
Aromas Water District City of Carmel Drought Information
Monterey County Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Monterey County Flood information page
F.E.M.A. Website
Changes to Flood Insurance Rates - What they are and how to explain them
Questions to Ask Your Flood Insurance Agent
Homeowner's Guide to Elevation Certificates

CALFIRE - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Monterey County FIre Saftey Council How to prepare for a wildfire

California Geological Survey
Most Recent Earthquake activity in California

Emergency & Disasters:
F.E.M.A. Natural Hazard Disaster Preparadeness
California Office of Emergency Services

Environmental Hazards:
GeoTracker - Investigate your EDR Report
NPL - National Priorties List - Superfund Sites
SWIS - Solid Waste Information System - Landfills

Videos and slideshows:
Saving a property from a firefighter's perspective
Hazards in Paradise
A fascinating presentation about the gensis & natural hazards of the Central Coast of California